Welcome to the Top-level Research Area TopDyn – Dynamics and Topology

Our new Imagefilm shows how scientists of the TopDyn Center are exploring functionalities in classical, quantum and quantum-classical hybrid systems on different length- and time-scales.


Our vision is to lay the foundations for the use of quantum-classical hybrids in computing, sensing and machines by developing advanced quantum materials, systems, novel algorithms and concepts.

To this end, TopDyn brings together teams working on solid-state and quantum optical systems in which classical and quantum functions can be realised monolithically and, in many cases, even on a single chip. 

The concept of topology plays an important role in nature and has implications in many fields of science as diverse as cosmology, particle physics, quantum manybody systems, superfluidity, liquid crystals, and metallurgy. The topology of a system is described by a topological charge, which emerges from the winding of an order parameter that lives in a space characterizing the eigenstates of the system. Topological properties of states of diverse nature now underpin such branches of applied science as topological electronics, skyrmion-based spintronics or quantum computing.

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Contact: Prof. Dr. Mathias Kläui (Spokesperson) - Dr. Petra Fronk (Administration) - Institute of Physics - Staudinger Weg 7 - 55128 Mainz - E-Mail