TopDyn Online Seminar

Thursday, 27th of January, 2:15pm

Merging spintronics and quantum thermodynamics to harvest ambient thermal energy

Dr Martin Bowen

French National Centre for Scientific Research | CNRS
Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials at Strasbourg (IPCMS)

I will present a novel concept that blends spintronics and quantum thermodynamics to generate
electricity. This concept is invoked to explain our experimental observations of electrical generation
across oxide [1] and molecular spintronic devices [2] that comprise paramagnetic centers
sandwiched between electrodes with full transport spin polarization. The presence of so-called
quantum resources [3,4], leading to a source of work of quantum origin called ergotropy, appears [2] to be manifest in sub-kBT spectral features, as well in an apparent signature of a phase transition of
the spin fluctuations on the paramagnetic centers. I will discuss our present research tracks to better
understand this spintronic quantum engine. General info may also be found at

[1] Katcko, K. et al. Spin-driven electrical power generation at room temperature, Commun. Physics 2,
116 (2019).
[2] Chowrira, B., Kandpal, L. & et al. Quantum advantage in a spintronic engine with coherently
coupled ultrafast strokes using molecular superexchange, arXiv:2009.10413.
[3] Bresque, L. et al. Two-Qubit Engine Fueled by Entanglement and Local Measurements, Phys. Rev.
Lett. 126, 120605 (2021).
[4] Klatzow, J. et al. Experimental Demonstration of Quantum Effects in the Operation of Microscopic
Heat Engines, Phys. Rev. Lett. 122, 110601 (2019).

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